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As a Bioresonance Practitioner, I uses frequency therapy, which is a special biophysical technique based on concepts in Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Quantum Physics, to assist with your healing powers.

Bioresonance treatment uses frequency therapy, is a painless therapy that deals with the hidden causes of disease and poor health by assessing and then normalising energetic imbalances. All matter, whether living or inert, resonates at a particular electromagnetic frequency, including the human body. Toxic substances in the body such as infections, chemicals, and heavy metals alter the body’s normal pattern and the body begins to adapt to the new frequency, causing illness or other disorders. Using Vibrational Medicine to modify and correct energy patterns allows the body to return to its natural healthy state. 

This is because frequency therapy enhances the body’s own regulation and detoxification. The body needs to detoxify itself of accumulated waste in order to allow nutrients to be delivered at a cellular level. A healthy diet is necessary for good health and as your Naturopath, I will recommend the best diet for you along with any supplements that may be needed.



Naturopathy is a holistic approach to wellness that harnesses the body’s own innate ability to heal itself with the aid of natural remedies, nutritional counselling, and lifestyle changes. Working with you to address your health concerns, a Naturopath will use various assessment techniques and natural treatments to restore balance and harmony, giving you the best possible quality of life and assist in the prevention of disease

Fruit Dessert

Disorders commonly treated by naturopaths include:

  • Fatigue

  • Digestive complaints

  • Stress

  • Mood disorders and depression

  • Cancer Support

  • Allergy and sensitivities

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

  • ADD/ADHD, fertility problems

  • Premenstrual tension and menopause

  • Autoimmune issues 

  • Thyroid problems 

  • Weight loss.

At Akaal Natural Therapy, we uses the healing powers of nature and gentle therapeutic techniques to help you regain control of your health and well-being. I will work with you to support the body, mind, and emotions during the healing process, treating not only symptoms but the condition itself. Consultations are one on one and personalised to ensure your individual need and health concerns are met, with treatments tailored to give you optimal health and have you feeling your absolute best.

I will analyse diet, lifestyle and medical history during your first consultation to determine your current condition and implement easy to follow and incorporate treatment programs. I uses advanced screening tools and high-quality, practitioner-only supplements, herbs, flower essences, vitamins and minerals to assist with the healing process.


First do no harm. Try to minimize harmful side effects and avoid suppression of symptoms.
Physician as teacher. Educate patients and encourage them to take responsibility for their own health.
Treat the whole person. Consider all factors (e.g., physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, genetic, environmental, social) when tailoring treatment to each patient.
Prevention. Assess risk factors and in partnership with patients, make appropriate interventions to prevent illness.
Healing power of nature. Seek to identify and remove obstacles to the body’s natural processes for maintaining and restoring health.
Treat the cause. Focus on the causes of a disease or condition, rather than its symptoms.


This first consultation involves understanding your current health as well as any previous health conditions. We will also conduct a number of tests to help understand the health of your body in a measurable manner.  All tests are included in the initial price and may include: 

  1. Zinc Tally test   

  2. Health Appraisal   

  3. Blood Pressure   

  4. Iridology

  5. Tongue and nail analysis   

  6. Screening Tools   

  7. Urinary Indican test (will give a reasonably accurate indication on the health of your gut)

Distance healing
Holding Hands

When a person cannot come to the clinic the alternative is Distance/Remote treatments via  VM. Clients can call me from all around the world, with any medical issues and frequency / vibration healing energy will be converted to you, to assist with your wellbeing.

VM therapy helps to identify your unique set of toxins that immobilises you. And through scientific principles, it helps to reduce the toxic load on your body, so you have more energy to enjoy life and do the things you want to do.


Distance treatment is great for busy mums, children and babies, stressed executives who look to long-distance restoration, when in need of an extra boost of energy healing and who can’t come into the clinic. It’s good for those who need encouragement to help them with their emotions, stress, personal issues. Good for those going to have surgery, those who can’t come in due to mobility problems and for those who don’t have access to a Bioresonance Practitioner


You don’t have to be physically present at the clinic, a time will be given to you for the session so you can relax and being aware that balancing therapy is taking place. 


The number of sessions depends on the health, imbalance, blocks, the underlying issues and the health of each person. 


You will need to call the clinic before the session, and you can call after the session to share the details. Each session is custom-designed for you and your individual health situation. I do need your permission before the balancing treatment session is done.


You do not have to attend the clinic for ‘distance healing’ BUT you need to make an appointment.


I also do a video conferencing like skype or other forms of video chat or written email/SMS communications to assist with your healing journey,

 Free15 minutes Initial Consultation before the therapy

During this consultation we acquaint ourselves with one another and determine how to effectively work together as a team. Whether you wish to work on a physiological or emotional issue, we will explore the most effective roadmap to work together to expeditiously heal, balance, and harmonise your body, mind and spirit.









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